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Rocio Fukuda, originally from Peru, has a passion for art specifically sculpting. She made a couple of sculptures with clay as a hobby when she was in High School. She participated in deferent Art competitions winning first place in a couple of them.   But the love for food took her into getting a degree on Food Service Administration and a Certification in Dietary Management. By that time the Cake industry started growing because of all the new shows on TV, thats when she realized that she can combine her passion on sculpting and her love for food and make Edible Sculptures.  As a result Rocio Fukuda worked as Cake Designer on her home-based business where she gain lots of experience in the Cake field.  After 5 years of winning multiple Cake Competitions  and  gaining lots of experience she decided to share her passion and love by teaching at her new home-based Cake Studio which is now called Rustik Cake Studio.

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